Entrain your Monkey mind to your heart…

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Here’s where the heart comes in.  It can actually make the whole mess go away, literally in a heartbeat, once we know how to work with it.  Entrainment works like this: imagine a small watch and clock repair shop in Geneva, Switzerland.  The aging proprietor takes in all kinds of timepieces every day, repairs them, and the owners come by each day and take them home.  Large ones, small ones, ornate ones, simple ones.  One morning, the proprietor comes in and notices a harmonic “tick, tock, tick, tock.”  At the end of the day, leaving, he notices only cacophony.  Soon he realizes each morning has a different harmonic.  And each evening, always discordance.  What’s going on?  Entrainment.

That is, the collective of timepieces finds a dominant rhythm and entrains to it.  It may be a grandfather clock one time, or a beautiful and complex pocket watch another time.  Always, entrainment creates harmony, each and every morning.  When you can learn to entrain your monkey mind to your heart, wonders will flow.  Don’t take my word for it.  The Institute of HeartMath has been researching this power for over 20 years.  Among other things, they have pioneered “the physiology of optimal learning and performance” [http://www.heartmath.org/research/research-home/research-center-home.html].

How would you like to perform optimally when challenged by your boss, your customers, or your most cherished loved ones, your family?  Give a call to The Sages’ Touch: we can help.

Himavat has traveled globally for many years teaching elegant and powerful meditative systems and stress management and conscious awareness tools.  He established The Sages’ Touch LLC in Cincinnati in 2009, and now offers Clinical Reflexology and Related Services: Dramatic Relief From Symptoms, Chronic &/or Acute, Clinical Hands-On Services, Health & Wellness Consulting & Training, and Public Speaking services.

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