Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Part 2

Again, as noted, I’ve been to India 5 times in the last 18 months. Why? What is there that could add value for my clients as a practitioner of The Sages’ Touch℠ ?

I have found the deepest and most profound source of the ancient knowledge of India. This knowledge is not even available to many people in India. Why? Is it a matter of secrecy and exclusionism? Or is it a matter of discernment, of the power of choice? In the West, the earning of a PhD level of proficiency is exclusively available to those who commit to the process. Simple. Sort of. This knowledge of India works in very much the same way: it is a matter of commitment.

And context. And my context has to do with what I call the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection. Is this pseudo-science, metaphysics, woo-woo fluff? Well, for one thing, the knowledge I am talking about is more than 2,000 years old. Sri Kaleshwar has been called and has committed his entire adult life, from when he was 14 years old, to mastering and revealing this knowledge to the world, at this time in history. The palm leaf manuscripts he has recovered are phenomenal as a source of rarefied wisdom and knowledge. He has made available his teachings from his years of studying and deciphering these sources.

He says these teachings are not his own ideas; they are all based on the information revealed in the manuscripts. In 1993, he settled in a small village in Andhra Pradesh . . . Penukonda. It is where he began building his ashram. He was 20 years old. “What did Jesus say? Who really trusts in him will become more powerful than him. That means all his students.” [Sri Kaleshwar, Sai Shakti 108 Healing Techniques of Sri Kaleshwar; Preface. Sri Kaleshwar Publishing, 2010]

The Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection is a very powerful part of our reality, whether we understand it or not, whether we believe in it or not. It is NOT a belief system: it does not conflict with any belief system because it does not require belief. It is a mechanical approach to the Infinite Healing Intelligence already inside of you.

And, again, how can that help you? See for yourself. testimonials

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