Are you having sleep issues?

Here is what one client of  The Sages’ Touch had to say…

“Before I came to see Himavat I had been having sleep issues for several consecutive weeks. I would fall asleep easily but throughout the evening my sleep would be interrupted several times a night. I would awake in the middle of the night from very disturbing dreams and nightmares. I tried several different things to help but nothing worked and the last thing I wanted to put myself through was any type of psychoanalysis. That’s when I found out about Himavat and The Sages’ Touch. During my meeting with Himavat he listened to my thoughts, my feelings and my more subtle impressions to help me resolve my sleep troubles. Himavat is a very skilled at seeking out what is bothering you and helping you find a way to resolve it. After only one session, I’ve gone back to very restful nights and when I do have a dream, it’s a pleasant one. Thanks!”

Rebecca Zingarelli

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