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What Kind Of Symptoms Do You Have? Part 2

Continuing from my earlier blog this week… As a Clinical Reflexologist, I am enthused about the convergence of heretofore “divergent” approaches to health, wellness and healing.  Critics of CAM come from many angles.  What matters to me is results.  And method.  Professional integrity, rigorous professional standards and code of ethics are critical to my success [...]

What Kind Of Symptoms Do You Have? Part 1

Are you suffering from either a chronic or acute illness or condition?  Are your symptoms moderate to severe?  Have you experienced pain from an old injury?  How is your treatment progressing?  Many “complimentary alternative medicine” (CAM) practitioners deliver dramatic results to their patients and clients.  Despite the controversy, “As of 2008, an estimated 38 percent [...]

Monkey mind. We all have one.

It isn’t helping us when we need it to. In fact, quite the opposite: it’s crazy making. All we want is peace of mind and sometimes all we get is madness from the frenzy of the monkey between our ears. Isn’t there a way to create harmony, synchronism between what we want and how things [...]

Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Part One

I’ve been to India 5 times in the last 18 months. Why? How do my clients benefit from my time away from my practice? The bridge between the East and the West is more traveled every day, these days. The ancient knowledge of India works in very much the same way as he training for a PhD [...]

Reflexology Is More than Skin-Deep: Therese’s Story, Part 2

Previously on this blog, we shared the success story of customer and massage therapist Therese Medzviega, who found relief from her chronic allergies and trouble sleeping in just a few reflexology sessions. But Therese also discovered there was more to her time with Himavat Ishaya of The Sages’ Touch than she initially thought. Therese says [...]

Freedom from Sciatic Nerve Pain: Katie’s Story

For those who have never visited a reflexologist before–or even if you have, but don’t have anyone to share your experience with–we thought it might be nice to share some of our Cincinnati-area customers’ reflexology stories. Each person has a unique reason for coming, and a unique experience with the reflexology process. This is the [...]

Celebrating Reflexology Around the World

Happy World Reflexology Week! During the last week of each September, the International Council of Reflexologists encourages practitioners to spread the word about reflexology across the globe. At The Sages’ Touch, we’d like to invite Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to join in. We hope to generate more health-conscious minds, and create a greater understanding of [...]