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Learning From The Masters

I am grateful to be a student of ancient knowledge, profound wisdom. Honored to be qualified to teach what I have been given. I am still learning from masters who have come before me. “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn!” Albert Einstein [ tag/teaching] [...]

Who Am I, Really?

Old stones. Very very old. Thousands of years. One of the world’s great kings, mostly never even heard of in the West: Krishnadevaraya. He built thousands (literally) of structures at a place called Hampi. If you believe in magic, then there is a great place to experience it. I did. This structure was next to [...]

Your Body Is Talking to You (Are You Listening?)

Have you reached a point where your body isn’t doing what you want it to do? In this video, reflexologist Himavat Ishaya of The Sages’ Touch explains how the first step to healing is really paying attention to what your body is telling you. When you meet for a reflexology session at The Sages’ Touch, [...]

NO BELIEF SYSTEM involved here

“What is the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection, anyway?”  It is about your experience of your own self, whatever that experience may be.  I recently had a client who was agnostic come for a treatment.  She reported significant relief from her pain, after just one treatment. I had another person come in who has an interest in many different [...]

Brene Brown’s Must See Video

Brene Brown, PhD, researcher, social worker, public speaker, story teller has been touched and her life changed by her research into what it means to be whole hearted.   She has found that a sense of worthiness, that is, worthy of love, is what some of her most interesting subjects had in common. She equates that [...]

Candace Pert, PhD

I first came across Cancace Pert while enjoying, over and over, the movie:  “What the Bleep Do We Know.”  But, that’s another blog entry. For now, let me just say that my delight in her work is long standing.  Talk about the Heart-Mind-Body connection, for now leaving out the Soul, and Candace is at the [...]

Iodine Doctors

I am always interested in the next step to broaden my knowledge of the simple ways we can help ourselves to become more healthy. My good friend, Bill V., who I met at Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s ashram this last summer recommends searching for “Iodine doctors.”  I found Dr. Brownstein in that search.   Feel free [...]