Heart-Mind-Body-Soul: Infinite Intelligence that Heals

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We, in the Western World

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel a sense of health, fulfillment, and possibility . . . or worry, exhaustion, and stress?

Do the days feel long, yet not satisfying?

Do you get the sense that stress lurks around every corner?

Does your body feel out of sync with your mind?

Do you have an overall feeling that things aren’t as they could be, whether you’re dealing with physical pain, emotional distress, or mental anguish?


Are you looking for answers?


In the U.S., we live in a culture of treatment for symptoms.

Various health professionals will each give you different answers and courses of treatment.

However, since western culture typically focuses on symptoms, and symptoms are what we recognize, we neglect the search for causes of symptoms.

Symptoms—things like muscle pain, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, irritability, confusion, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and weight loss or weight gain—clue us in that something deeper is going on.

Treating the symptoms doesn’t necessarily get to the underlying problem—the thing that’s causing the pain.


Ayurvedic Healing

That’s why he Sages’ Touch offers related services which are grounded in the roots of the Ayurvedic tradition of wellness.

About half of all medical practitioners in India today practice Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic healing is an ancient type of natural healing that’s concerned with lifelong health.

It is grounded in as much science as allopathic medicine (Western medicine) is, and it is focused less on treating symptoms and more on finding causes. Ayurvedic healing focuses on bringing your body—and the energies in your body—back into balance. The foundation of the Ayurvedic system of healing begins by looking at your body “type,” or “dosha.”


Pre-existing Infinite Intelligence

Your body type is the first key to unlocking the causes of your symptoms, in the perspective of the Ayurvedic system. The pre-existing healing intelligence already at work in your body, which we call “the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul connection,” can be accessed in many ways, including hands-on methods like reflexology. Reflexology works on the hands and feet, which are a reflection of your entire body.


Hands-on healing is one of the ways we help you to regain wellness and health. We also use a system called Sri Kaleshwar’s “Sai Shakti Healing” [pronounced sigh-shock-tee].

Sai Shakti Healing is a system that helps you to heal, gain clarity, find peace and alignment, and move forward in your Wellness Action Plan—from wherever you and your symptoms are.

Sai Shakti Healing involves understanding the Heart-Mind-Body-Soul connection, and awakening the infinite healing intelligence within you and using that as a magnet to draw more positive energy into your world, here and now.