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Entrain your Monkey mind to your heart…

Continued from yesterday’s post… Here’s where the heart comes in.  It can actually make the whole mess go away, literally in a heartbeat, once we know how to work with it.  Entrainment works like this: imagine a small watch and clock repair shop in Geneva, Switzerland.  The aging proprietor takes in all kinds of timepieces [...]

Connect your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Part 2

Again, as noted, I’ve been to India 5 times in the last 18 months. Why? What is there that could add value for my clients as a practitioner of The Sages’ Touch℠ ? I have found the deepest and most profound source of the ancient knowledge of India. This knowledge is not even available to many people [...]

New at The Sages’ Touch: Sai Shakti Healing

We are facing so many challenges to our peace of mind, to our inner peace, to our capacity to maintain in a smooth way in our world. The Heart-Mind-Body-Soul Connection gets strained sometimes. It even gets sprained or broken sometimes. If now is one of those times for you, The Sages’ Touch now offers The [...]