Your Wellness, from the Inside, Out

Powerful drug, sugar, even abc news is on to it:  Powerful beings we are, human.  Powerful times we live in.  Precarious sometimes, especially when your health is challenged.  Staying well means taking care of all of who you are, every day.  You know the drill: right exercise, right diet, right attitude, right rest.

Wherever you are with your wellness, one of the most powerful choices you can make right now is to pause, bring your focus to your physical body, and allow your awareness of how your body is feeling, allow that awareness to deepen.  And while you’re doing that, also please remember to let go of any judgments, letting go of any sense of right or wrong, or good or bad, just notice, whatever is there.  And bring a sense of kindness and caring to yourself as you notice what’s there.

There may be some tension.  There may be many places in your physical body that are tight.  And there is a place in your heart that is connected to a deep sense of peace, a deep sense of Stillness.  I invite you to allow your awareness to at least consider what that place of deep stillness might be like, what it might feel like, where it might be in your body, if you could allow your focus to land there, gently, like a leaf falling to the ground and softly touching the earth.  And when you begin to sense into that place, allow your focus to rest there.  Just for a moment, a precious moment.

And once you have given yourself a powerful break from the seemingly endless stressors of your daily life, and your awareness has been drawn back again into your next task or set of tasks, and you are off again to the demands of your world, see if you can’t bring along just a bit of the peace you experienced in your little stress-management break.  All you need to do is activate the power of your memory, invoke the calm that you touched so briefly, and allow that calm to be a healing factor in the rest of your day.

We fix against our discomfort, against our stressors.  Most of us depend, at least a little, on some form of sugar, even if it’s organic, non-GMO, raw, unprocessed honey, or some equivalent, it’s still a form of sugar.  More importantly, it’s still a fix.  Some of us think we are craving salt, instead of sugar, in the chips or snacks, but read your label: underneath a huge percentage of all that salt, there is more than a little sugar, be it high fructose corn syrup, or one of it’s many ilk.  It’s not that sugar is bad.  It is our overconsumption of it that leads to health and wellness issues over time.

There is data, thought not yet consensus, on whether cinnamon can help with blood-sugar issues, and my diet does now include more intentional cinnamon  [see also:].  But have I addressed the underlying need to fix?  Yes and no.  Wellness, from the inside out, is a process, and it is a daily discipline.  And it incorporates compassion along with proper choices.  When I get my regular exercise, I feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally.  When I don’t, I don’t, and there again is my tendency to want to fix against my discomfort.  So when I fix do I feel better?  Sure, for about 60 seconds.  Then my body reacts, and that quick fix is gone.

When I nourish my body with healthy, organic, whole foods that help me stay strong, clear and alert, all is well.  As for the spiritual part of Wellness, that is a personal topic that has many facets, many angles, many paths to your own personal Truth.  It is a journey, and it delivers best results when done with intention and deliberateness.  There is wisdom from Western traditions and there is wisdom from Eastern traditions.  In all traditions, compassion has always been an important key.  By bringing compassion to yourself, you will be increasing your Wellness in many ways.  Emma Seppala, PhD at Stanford University has done some very interesting research on the subject:

Your mind-body connection is more well defined and researched every day.  The connection of your heart to your wellness is also well researched, if less mainstream yet.  Noteworthy is the HeartMath Institute [].  The connection of your soul to your wellness is a subject more commonly understood in Eastern traditions than by us in the West.  Here is where I intend to build a bridge.  After having spent many years studying with Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda, A.P., India, I have had experiences that have changed and shaped my world.

My wish for you is that you may increase your Wellness today so that your world is changed and your capacity to shape your world evolves in a most positive way.

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